Transnational project meetings are crucial for effective communication between partners in every project. in TEFSI altogether there were 5 transnational project meetings during the course of the project, and all project partners participated in these meetings actively. A general purpose of the transnational meetings was to keep constant track on the progress of the project, discuss all current issues, solve ongoing problems, carry out some internal monitoring and evaluation activities and plan further actions.

Meeting 1 (M1): Took place on 12th-13th Nov 2018 at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences (Poland) M1 meeting programme

Meeting 2 (M2): Took place on 10th-12th April 2019 at the University of Copenhagen M2 meeting programme

Meeting 3 (M3): Took place on 4th October 2019 at the University of Zagreb M3 meeting programme

Meeting 4 (M4): Took place on 21st February 2020 at the Charles University Environment Centre, Prague, Czechia M4 meeting programme

Meeting 5 (M5): Was organized on 7th June 2021 virtually by the Warsaw University of Life Sciences (Poland) on MS Teams platform M5 meeting programme