The Erasmus+ 2014-2020 programme aimed to boost skills and employability, as well as modernise Education, Training, and Youth work. The seven year programme provided opportunities for over 4 million Europeans to study, train, gain work experience and volunteer abroad.

Erasmus+ supports transnational partnerships among Education, Training, and Youth institutions and organisations to foster cooperation and bridge the worlds of Education and work in order to tackle the skills gaps we are facing in Europe. It also supports national efforts to modernise Education, Training, and Youth systems.

Erasmus+ brings together existing EU programmes in the fields of Education, Training, and Youth. As an integrated programme, Erasmus+ offers more opportunities for cooperation across the Education, Training, Youth, and Sport sectors and is easier to access than its predecessors, with simplified funding rules. For more information go to:

Strategic Partnerships

Strategic Partnerships, in Erasmus+ 2014-2020, were projects under the Key Action 2 of Erasmus+ programme titled “Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices”. Strategic Partnerships made it possible for organisations from different participating countries to work together, to develop, share and transfer best practices and innovative approaches in the fields of education, training and youth. The selection and management of Strategic Partnership projects was taking place at national level. For further information contact the National Agency in your country.

The programme is now followed by the new Erasmus+ programme for 2021-2027. You can read more about the new Erasmus+ programme here: