The TEFSI on-line lectures aim to increase innovativeness of teaching methods and contents used by the lecturers of all TEFSI universities and beyond, and in long term to increase sustainability of the European food systems.

For the TEFSI on-line lectures each partner university has identified one of their elements of innovation and therefore a well thought, unique, absolutely innovative, transnational collection of good teaching practices & specific tips for food system sustainability teaching has been collected. A few on-line lectures are inspired by the TEFSI trainings and therefore are demonstrating the innovative teaching tools and concepts newly implemented and in action.

The goal of the e-lectures for university lecturers is to tell the meaning of the innovative activity/method (Best Practice) of its own university, to reveal what characterizes it, the required approach, the method and above all why it can become an element of strength in the teaching process.

Each partner prepared a 8-10 min on-line lecture on good teaching practices, their importance, and specific tips for food system sustainability teaching in the area of their own experience related to the sustainability of food systems. The online lectures include the teachers’ views, as well as the students’ views on the experience. Through watching the on-line lectures, the viewers should get instructions and a guide for the implementation of the content to their own work and class activities. Lectures were disseminated at the participating universities and during the TEFSI Multiplier Events.

Here you can find a complete report on our TEFSI e-lectures/videos, with a few words about the methodology applied to develop the videos, a few words about the subject and aim of each of them, as well as the links to the channel where you can watch them: TEFSI-O5-videos-report

(the report is also available in Polish language version / raport nt. filmów TEFSI jest także dostępny w polskiej wersji językowej: TEFSI_O5-raport-wersja-PL)

You can also watch our TEFSI e-lectures/videos here:

SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS – A WORKSHOP GUIDE (by Dominika Średnicka-Tober, Marcin Barański, Renata Kazimierczak, Warsaw University of Life Sciences, Poland)

ABC LEARNING DESIGN (by Susanne Gjedsted Bügel, University of Copenhagen, Denmark)

REARRANGEMENT OF STUDY MODULE BY USING ABC MODEL (by Živilė Tarasevičienė & Judita Černiauskienė, Vytautas Magnus University, Lithuania)

INTERNATIONAL WEEKS (by Carola Strassner & Ute Krützmann, FH Münster University of Applied Sciences, Germany)

TEFSI TRAINING & THE FISHBOWL (by Dana Kapitulčinová & Jiří Dlouhý, Charles University Environment Centre, Czech Republic)

MAESTRO (by Joël Robin, ISARA-Lyon, France)

FRAMEWORK TEACHING (by Renata Bažok & Darija Lemić, University of Zagreb, Croatia)

SUSTAINABLE DIETS (by Ulrike Eberle, University of Kassel, Germany)

LEARNING THROUGH EXPERIENCE (by Paola Migliorini & Charlotte Prelorentzos, University of Gastronomic Sciences, Italy)

Here you can watch our TEFSI videos with Polish subtitles / tu możesz obejrzeć nasze filmy TEFSI z polskimi napisami: TEFSI channel