Here you can find our TEFSI handbook ‘Impulses for Innovative Teaching’ for university lecturers interested in the transformation of sustainable food systems: TEFSI Handbook

Facing the complexity of our present and future food system, strategies and solutions are needed towards a sustainable transformation. Hence, Higher Education Institutions take part in the contribution of a sustainable development. TEFSI provides the impetus for lecturers to implement the complex issues of sustainability into everyday lectures. By applying, developing and widely disseminating innovative teaching methods all stand to benefit from the strength of transnational exchange to transform our food system.

In this handbook educators of higher education institutions share their approaches and insights into their practice with you. We hope that this handbook will provide inspiration and guidance for you to implement into your own teaching and contribute in this way to the transformation to sustainable food systems!

Here you can find our TEFSI handbook in Polish language version / tu możesz znaleźć nasz Handbook TEFSI w polskiej wersji językowej: TEFSI-Handbook-wersja PL