Here you can find training materials on the innovative teaching tools & concepts developed for the TEFSI Trainings intended for university lecturers.

This is a set of training materials prepared by the representatives of the TEFSI consortium. With a total of 17 methods and tools, ideas are presented on how teaching units can be changed and made more innovative. In addition, there are four concrete examples on the topic of
sustainability in teaching. In the following table, the methods and materials are presented according to content.

In TEFSI project, usage of the innovative methods has been in most cases illustrated for the subjects covering different aspects of sustainable food systems.

The complete TEFSI report, putting together all materials and methods developed within TEFSI project, together with their descriptions, can be found here: TEFSI-O2&O3 TRAINING MATERIALS

Specific TEFSI materials on innovative educational methods, tools and approaches can be downloaded here:

The ABC-model for course design: ABC-Workshop, ABC-Storyboard, ABC-Learning-types-activities, ABC-Learning-cards, ABC-LD-Action-plan

Framework of teaching: Framing-Teaching-Workshop, Framing-Teaching-Belbin-for-students, Framing-Teaching-Blooms-taxonomy-teacher-planning-kit, Framing-Teaching-Belbin-roles-chart, Framing-Teaching-Group-work-process, Framing-Teaching-Table-for-clarifying-expectations.pdf, Framing-Teaching-Competency-mapping-tool

Peer feedback: Peer-Feedback-Presentation

Hands-on iPad video workshop: Digital story telling with iMovie, Supplementary you-tube video guide,

Food Eco Innovation Module and Competition (by ISARA): ECOTROPHELIA

A real-life professional situation for students (by ISARA): MAESTRO

Interactive survey on terroir products during excursions (by ISARA):TERROIR

Creative Problem Solving (by MUAS): Creative problem solving

Learning through experience. An action-based approach (by UNISG): Field trip cases

Group work processes-Belbin roles (by UNIZG): Belbin-roles

National Dish (by UoK & UCPH): National-Dish-tool National Dish-cookbook developed within the SUSPLUS project: National-Dish-Cookbook

Experience on innovative education from EPOS and SUSPLUS projects (by WULS): Innovative education in EPOS & SUSPLUS

We hope that our TEFSI training materials will inspire you to use the presented tools, methods and approaches in your own teaching activities!

Selected TEFSI educational materials are available in Polish language, in the form of presentations and interactive lectures, on the TEFSI YouTube channel and in the following report / Wybrane materiały edukacyjne opracowane w ramach projektu TEFSI są dostępne także w języku polskim, w formie prezentacji i interaktywnych wykładów z dźwiękiem na kanale YouTube projektu TEFSI: TEFSI channel. Zostały one także ujęte w zbiorczym opracowaniu: TEFSI-O2&O3 TRAINING MATERIALS-PL. Linki do wykładów w języku polskim są też dostępne poniżej:

Projektowanie programu nauczania metodą ABC: VIDEO

Wykorzystanie metody „Fishbowl” („Akwarium”) w nauczaniu: VIDEO

World Café: VIDEO

Kreatywne rozwiązywanie problemów: VIDEO

Ecotrophelia – Moduł ekoinnowacji: VIDEO

Procesy pracy zespołowej – role Belbina: VIDEO

Danie Narodowe: VIDEO


Innowacyjna edukacja – doświadczenia z projektów EPOS i SUSPLUS: LECTURE

Selected TEFSI educational materials (MAESTRO, National Dish, TERROIR) are available in Lithuanian language, in the form of presentations, collected together in the following report: TEFSI O2&O3-TRAINING MATERIALS-LT