Here you can find an international TEFSI report on the level of inclusion of food system sustainability issues in higher education by European University lecturers, the lecturing tools used & perspectives for innovation. The report is based on the questionnaire developed jointly by representatives of each of the 9 Universities participating in the project. The teaching tools, methods, approaches were the leading subject of the survey. Survey was done with 30-100 teachers from each university/country, representing fields related to the food system (agriculture, food sciences, related life sciences).

Survey answers helped to design trainings on innovative teaching for European university lecturers. They also point out the perspectives of university lecturers on innovative teaching for sustainable food systems.

To further approach ‘Sustainability’ aspect in this study, the TEFSI consortium carried out additional research, in the form of a survey consisting of open questions, shaped to allow for a deeper examination of the sustainability of the TEFSI universities.

A complete TEFSI report, describing the applied methodology and summarizing the results of both above mentioned surveys, can be found here: TEFSI-O1-Final Report

TEFSI questionnaire used to collect data at 9 TEFSI Univeresities is available here:



Definitions/descriptions of the teaching methods mentioned in the questions of the TEFSI survey can be found here:


TEFSI survey-template for additional research on sustainability aspect can be found here: