TEFSI Multiplier Event at CUNI, Prague

In the last months of the project, each TEFSI partner was involved in organization of TEFSI Multiplier Events (conferences) ‘Transformation of European Food Systems towards Sustainability by Transnational, Innovative Teaching’. The events were organized between 9th June 2021 and 30th August 2021. There was one physical Multiplier Event (in Czech Republic, organized by CUNI), one hybrid (in UNISG, Italy) and 4 virtual events (in WULS, VMU, UNIZG and a joint event organized by UCPH, MUAS, UKA, ISARA and supported also by UNISG and WULS). 5 events were national, and one was international. Altogether events hosted 113 external participants (from outside TEFSI consortium) and a good number of staff of the TEFSI universities. Programmes of the events were attuned towards effective dissemination of intellectual outputs of the TEFSI project and encouraging participants to make use of similar educational initiatives, materials, tools and methods in the future. In addition, potential funding opportunities to develop projects similar to TEFSI were presented to the participants. In case of some project partners, first experience in incorporating innovative teaching tips & contents in their everyday teaching was shared with event participants. Both presentation and open discussion sessions were organized. All the presentations & materials from the events were sent by email to all participants.

Here you can find agendas of the TEFSI Multiplier Events:

TEFSI Multiplier Event at CUNI, Prague: TEFSI ME in Prague

TEFSI Multiplier Event at UNISG, Bra: TEFSI ME at UNISG

TEFSI Multiplier Event organised by UNIZG, Zagreb: TEFSI ME by UNIZG

TEFSI Multiplier Event organised by VMU, Kaunas: TEFSI ME by VMU

TEFSI Multiplier Event organised by WULS, Warsaw: TEFSI ME by WULS

TEFSI international Multiplier Event organised jointly by UCPH (Copenhagen), FHM (Muenster), UKA (Kassel), ISARA (Lyon), WULS (Warsaw) and UNISG (Bra): TEFSI ME International